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Will this Pennsylvania Bill Actually Reduce Trauma for Children Caught in Divorce?

I hope they will work it out. Sad little girl leaning at the table and holding head in hand while her parents shouting at each other in the backgroundPennsylvania is changing its divorce laws to make it easier for couples trying to get a no fault divorce. They say this change will reduce childhood trauma, but will their plan work?

Can Laws Actually Reduce Trauma for Children Caught in Divorce?

Scientists have been studying the effects of trauma on children for generations now, and what they have discovered is astonishing. Trauma in a child’s upbringing has been shown to affect their growth, their health, and even their behavior. Studies also show that prolonged exposure to these traumas can also have lasting effects. So limiting the traumatic experiences of our nation’s youth has been a goal for lawmakers all over the country, and that’s why Pennsylvania’s lawmakers have acted.

Act 102 is a bill that will reduce Pennsylvania’s two year waiting period on no fault divorces to just one year. The bill is being sponsored by Representative Tarah Toohil, and it is designed to reduce the amount of time children are exposed to potentially traumatic divorces. But will this new law really make the difference these lawmakers are hoping for?

How Do Things Work Here in Texas?

Here in Texas, there is a 60-day waiting period in order for you to get a divorce, but that doesn’t affect how long it takes for a divorce to come through. That waiting period only prevents a judge from finalizing a divorce. That means you still have to deal with dividing assets and coming up with a child custody arrangement that works for you. This could take a few months or it could take over a year. The primary contributor to that time frame usually has to do with how civil the divorcing partners are with one another.

The Houston high-assets divorce attorneys here at John K Grubb & Associates have seen a lot, and it’s usually the couples who work together who come through divorce best. It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of property and assets to split, or if the couple has children to consider. A spirit of cooperation can go a long way.

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