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What is an Apostille?

What is an Apostille? It is a government issued certification that authenticates a public document for use in a foreign country.

Using government documents across borders made life difficult, so over 100 countries adopted the Hague Convention’s Apostille Section. Departments of State, Secretaries of State, or Ministers of External Affairs provide an Official Certification of the government documents.

It is not a notarized document.

An Apostille is issued by the United States Department of State for all federal documents such as FBI background investigations, federal court records, and records from the various departments of the federal government. Apostilles for state documents such as divorce decrees, certificates of marriage, death certificates, deeds, premarital agreements (that have been recorded in the Official Public Records of a county in Texas) are issued by the Texas Secretary of State.

There are commercial services, such as ApostilleX, that specialize in obtaining Apostilles from many different countries and states.

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