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The Most Unorthodox Laws In Texas Covered By A Houston Family Law Attorney

A Houston Family Law Attorney Lists The Weirdest Laws In The State Of Texas

Whoever came up with the enduring adage “Everything is bigger in Texas” clearly understood Texas to its very core. From the first 99-pack of beer in the world to the 85 mph, Texas leads the way in being big. This trend has transcended to the Texan laws. Whether it is the issue of excessive sentencing to some very harsh drug laws, Texas has some truly crazy laws. Some laws are so crazy you don’t expect them to exist. As such, you might have broken a few of the laws without knowing.

1. Sit Down And Stay A While

True Texan hospitality stipulates that it is rude for one to just have a drink and leave immediately. However, the Texan town of LeFors has made this a crime. In fact, if you take more than 3 sips of your drink without sitting down, you have broken the law. As interesting as this law is, we reckon their dance parties are oddly uneventful. Read on for more weird Texan laws.

2. One Man’s Trash Isn’t Another Man’s Gold (Right Away)

You have to give it up for Texans for their heart of looking out for each other. However, a limit is placed when it comes to garbage. Dumpster laws in Texas equate taking something out of someone’s garbage as taking something out of their refrigerator. This weird law emanates from a court ruling that declared that an object that has been discarded in the trash has not been fully abandoned until when collected by the waste management personnel. This effectively makes dumpster diving illegal in Texas. If you are thinking of dumpster diving, it is time to reconsider.

3. Wrong On So Many Levels

This is a law we can all get behind. It is illegal to “emit obnoxious odors in an elevator” in Port Arthur. The punishment for this offense is fine. However, it would be interesting to see the defense culprits of this egregious offense mount in court.

4. We Are Now Man and Wife

Who knew that the phrase “Fake it ‘till you make it” applies for marriage. However, it Texas, it surprisingly does. State policies pertaining to common law marriage stipulate that you can get married by simply publicly introducing their ‘better half’ as their spouse to be recognized as married. Very weird, but very serious! Believe it or not, to annul the marriage, you will have to seek the services of the family attorney in Houston, or whichever city you reside in.

5. Too Much Too Bad

Perhaps the weirdest of them all is the legal limits that Texas has placed on the ownership of a popular sex toy that rhymes with Bilbo. It is a felony offense to own six or more of these “magic wands”, just so you know. Granted, it is pretty difficult to enforce this law, you definitely do not want to be caught breaking the law. Stick to the legal limits!

6. Cannabis Is Still Illegal!

While states such as Colorado and Washington have experience reduce crime rates and a significant increase in tax revenues after legalizing marijuana, lawmakers in Texas are not moved and have refused to decriminalize marijuana. Possessing 2 ounces marijuana will make you eligible for a $2,000 fine or a jail term of 180 days. In comparison to other weird laws in this list, this one has to be silliest. The natural plant has been used for treatment for thousands of years and it is still being used for medical purposes all-over the world but not in Texas.

7. The Best Defense For Weird Situations

These and many other laws are quite weird but, nonetheless, very strict. You need to produce the best defense when you are charged with violating any of them. Producing quality defense is something we are very serious about and experienced in. even when you are charged with violating the weirdest of laws that govern the great state of Texas; you can rest assured that we will go all out to your defense. Schedule a consultation today.

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