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Houston Property Division Lawyer Videos on TX Divorce

Attorney Videos about Dividing Marital Assets, Business in Divorce and Texas Community Property Laws

What are Texas community property laws, and how are marital assets in divorce divided? What is considered community property in Texas? Whether your high net worth divorce does or does not involve a prenuptial agreement, you need to understand your rights under Texas QDRO laws, alimony laws in Texas and how to divide a family-owned business in divorce. Watch these videos about marital property in Texas. Our property division lawyer in Houston provides the following informational legal videos about business valuations in divorce and other issues that could possibly affect the division of marital assets.

Involved in a high net worth divorce? Our Houston property division lawyer cautions that Texas community property laws could play an integral part in how marital assets in divorce may be split. Get the aggressive divorce representation you need by submitting a case review form or calling our Houston divorce law firm today.