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Just last month, the Supreme Court struck down bans on marriages between two individuals of the same sex in a ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage across the US. Prior to the ruling, marriage between two partners of the same sex was only legal in certain states, but the new ruling has made marriage legal in all 50 states, including Texas.

No one knew what the outcome of the Supreme Court case would be, but in states that already allowed same-sex couples to marry, studies had previously been conducted on the divorce rate of same-sex couples and how it compared with the divorce rate of heterosexual couples. The studies, which were done in New Hampshire and Vermont, showed that same-sex couples had a divorce rate of about 1.1 percent per year, while opposite-sex couples had a divorce rate of about 2 percent per year.

One of the study’s co-authors has a theory on the lower divorce rate among gay and lesbian couples. According to her, it is likely that the divorce rate is lower because legal same-sex marriage has not been an option until only recently. The effect that this has had is that same-sex couples have been in long-term relationships for longer periods of time prior to getting married, thus their relationships have already stood the test of time by the time they are able to marry.

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