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A Houston Divorce Attorney Talks About Using Technology In The Courtroom

Houston Divorce Lawyer: Is Technology Allowed Inside The Courtroom?

It is a fact that the world is constantly changing and we as lawyers should keep up with this change or else we risk being left behind. The main role of Houston divorce attorney is to turn complicated facts into simple, compelling narrative. So, basically, a trial lawyer is a storyteller. A good trial lawyer is one who is a good storyteller. Just like any storyteller out there, a good trial lawyer understands their audience and knows how to communicate with them in the best way possible. As a lawyer, I can tell you that technology is always changing the way we can share our client’s stories. However, not all lawyers understand that technology is also changing how their audience absorbs stories. Technology has made people ask for a greater level of storytelling. To illustrate this, just think of what high-speed internet service has done to browsing and all that high definition has done to the TV. After you are adapt to a particular level of speed or detail, anything can be less distracting or unpleasant. A distracting or unpleasant message can make a trial lawyer lose his or her case.

Below are some things to take into account:

1. Goals of court room technology

Every courtroom technology has to accomplish either 1 or more of these 4 goals:

  • The technology used should grab and retain the attention of the audience. Ensure that the courtroom technology pinpoint your points & give your audience a visual representation. However, avoid overusing it since too much visual reference can be distracting.
  • Any lawyer who uses courtroom technology should be great with the technology for it to benefit from it. Incorporating technology into your presentation shows effort because effort shows importance. Therefore, courtroom technology will show the jury and your clients that you are taking the case seriously and giving maximum effort.
  • The technology should be a teaching tool. It is good to ensure that the courtroom technology you use helps your portrayed message resonate w/ your audience and makes them learn and remember the message you are passing across.
  • Although we learn differently, several studies have shown engaging in multiple sense of an audience will make them remember what was said. Tell them, show them and if possible make them smell, feel, or taste what you are saying. Remember that if they do not remember what you said, they will most likely not help inside the courtroom.
  • Courtroom technology needs to help you stay organized & efficient in your messaging. This can be very important to lawyers as they are ultimate multitaskers. The best thing about staying organized is that it enables you to attentive and follow what is going on instead of thinking where things are.

Avoid using any technology that doesn’t accomplish some of the 4 goals we have just mentioned. Keep in mind that the best technology for the courtroom will let you do what you usually do but help you do it more efficiently and effectively.

2. Avoid overusing technology

As I said earlier, too much tech can be extremely more distracting than no tech at all. Think about a situation where you are writing a letter to a persona & you resort to using nothing but capital letters. The letter will be distracting as the reader will be wondering why you wrote everything in capital letters and may not absorb the message.

3. Practice staying off of your technology devices

Technology is usually as good as the individual using it. If you are clumsy with it, you may end up distracting yourself & your audience. Speak the language of the tech you use for the best outcome. It has to be so natural as no one can do this on your behalf.

5. Don’t let your Houston divorce attorney see you on your phone

Not only is it disrespectful but the judge may also find it rude and you could potentially get in trouble. Avoid awkward situations by staying off your technological devices during a court session. Make your Houston divorce attorney happy and their life easier by leaving your devices off. Think about common courtesy. So, spend some time w/ the technology to fully understand how it works and how it can work for you. This technology can be very important to a Houston Divorce Attorney.

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