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Peter Frampton Leaves Mark on Divorce and Family Law

British musician Peter Frampton has been married and now divorced three times. In late June of this year, Frampton began proceedings to end his marriage to Christina Elfers. The two had been together for 15 years. While a celebrity divorce is hardly breaking news anymore, Frampton is noteworthy in divorce and family law for another reason – his involvement in a palimony lawsuit.

“Palimony” comes from combining the words “pal” and “alimony.” Alimony is the financial support that one spouse receives from the other after the two divorce. A court imposes this legal obligation.  Palimony is financial support that a person seeks from another even though the two were never married. They usually arise from couples who have been living together, also known as cohabitating. Details on how to craft a cohabitation agreement are available from a Houston prenuptial agreement attorney.

Back in 1976, Frampton’s live-in girlfriend at the time, Penny McCall, sued Frampton for half of the income he earned during the five years that the two were a couple. She claimed that she essentially worked full time assisting him instead of pursuing her own career. The judge ruled in favor of Frampton, using strong language about protecting the institution of marriage. State courts often look to whether the two had a contract, implied or explicit. A Houston divorce lawyer can assist people in drafting cohabitation agreements.

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