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How A Child Custody Lawyer In Houston Can Increase The Chances Of You Winning Custody Of Your Kids

How To Improve The Chances Of Winning Custody Of Your Children With A Houston Child Custody Lawyer

Tip #1 Always Act In A Responsible Manner

The fastest way to ruin your chances of winning custody of your children is by engaging in risky behavior such as doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or leaving your kids somewhere without supervision. Any Houston child custody lawyer will tell you that custody is awarded based on what is best for the child. The last thing that you want to do is give the spouse ammunition that they can use against you in court. If they can point to times that you have acted recklessly, they can get the upper hand. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to winning a child custody case is that you need to be on your best behavior at all times and that you need to act responsibly – both when you are with your children and when you are on your own.

Tip #2 – Ask The Court To Send Someone To Evaluate Your Home

Emotions often run high during child custody cases. In many cases, the judge has to decide whether you or your spouse are telling the truth about certain subjects. One way to get out ahead of the problem is by asking the court to set up a time for an in-home evaluation. With these evaluations, a professional who is appointed by the court will come to your home and take a look at it to make sure that it is an appropriate setting for bringing up a child.

Tip #3 – Stick To Your Custody Or Visitation Schedule

Do your best to avoid rescheduling the times for your custody or visitation. If you constantly have to shift things around, it can make it seem like your children are not your top priority. Make a point of always being available during the times that you are supposed to have custody or when you are scheduled to visit your children. By doing so, it shows the judge that they are the most meaningful part of your life and that you are willing to make sacrifices to ensure that they are cared for.

Tip #4 – Be Willing To Live In The Best Location For Your Child

Because the court always puts the child’s needs first, you should be willing to live in whatever location is best for them. For instance, if your child is currently attending school in Sugarland and is happy and doing well, you should consider staying in the area rather than moving to another city. On the other hand, if you don’t already live close to where your child is currently living, you may want to consider moving there since it can help you get a better result in your custody case.

Tip #5 – Try To Reach An Agreement With Your Ex

Custody cases go a lot more smoothly when parents can compromise for the sake of their children. Instead of going into the process with a rigid mindset, try listening to your ex and looking for common ground. Even if your spouse is extremely difficult to deal with, you may be able to find ways to compromise, making things easier for your child. Oftentimes, you may even be able to reach a suitable agreement with your spouse without the need to involve the court. This can be a good thing for everyone involved. Even though it may not result in the perfect situation, by compromising a little bit, you can often get a better outcome than you would have gotten from a judge.

Tip #6 – Follow Any Instructions From The Court

No matter what the court asks you to do, you should do it without question. Even if you feel insulted for being asked, you should swallow your pride and follow their requests. For instance, if the court wants you to take a drug test to prove that you are not taking drugs, you should do it voluntarily. Alternatively, if they feel like you could benefit from counseling, give it a try – even if it makes you a little bit uncomfortable. Showing the court that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be with your children is a great way to build your case.

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