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Property Division Lawyer Explains Assets and Liabilities

Understanding Community Property Law in Texas

A property division lawyer in Houston explains assets and liabilities for divorce with community property in Texas.Many divorcing couples make the mistake of dividing their marital assets and liabilities without fully understanding what they own or owe. This poses problems after the divorce when it becomes apparent that one side ended up with greater than expected bills or an inequitable division of property. Spouses need to be vigilant from the onset of divorce proceedings. Listing assets and liabilities is one of the first things to do when initiating a divorce. A Houston property division lawyer at our law firm can help you ensure that you fully and fairly value assets and liabilities during a divorce.

Valuing Assets and Liabilities for a Divorce

Virtually every conceivable thing of value is considered property and, thus, must be considered in a divorce. If it has value or if it may have value, then you probably need to include it in the divorce.

The problem with many assets and liabilities is determining how to value them. The following are some of the areas to which to pay close attention:

  • Houses. A house is usually the biggest asset in a marriage. Financing a house often involves both spouses. They own the house jointly, and they are both on the mortgage. Divorcing couples can agree to continue to own the house jointly and make payments on it, or they can agree to give the house to one spouse and remove the other from the deed and mortgage. In the latter case, if you will be the one removing your name from the contracts, then it is wise to consult an attorney. You want to ensure that you correctly perform this step. You do not want to find out later that you legally owe the bank house payments.
  • Household items. These items can be easy for a couple to value and divide. However, that is not always the case. It is best if the two sides can reach an agreement as to who gets what household items. In less than cordial cases, however, spouses can drag on a divorce for months arguing over who should get the toaster. There are more important issues in a divorce. Thus, if the couple can prioritize those areas and comprise on household items, it is ideal.
  • Retirement Plans. Valuing and dividing these can be quite complicated. For something like a pension plan that will not begin making payouts for years, it can be difficult to agree on its present value. Additionally, special legal forms and procedures are required to change certain retirement plans for them to pay someone other than the owner.
  • Family Business in Divorce. Having to sell and split the proceeds from the sale of a family business is not usually the best option. It ends the business and can put many people out of work. However, it can be difficult to value a family business, particularly if both spouses were involved in it. Deciding what is fair to do with the business is not an easy decision. It will depend on appraisals and negotiations between the two spouses.
  • Vehicles. Valuing your cars is a somewhat straightforward process. You can verify the vehicle’s value with books available at the library, resources on the internet or appraisals from used car dealers. Valuation can be trickier if you lease the car. With some lease contracts, you may not own any value at all in the car. For other vehicles, valuation may be more difficult and require more research.

Looking for a Property Division Lawyer in Houston?

Valuing both you and your spouse’s assets and liabilities is vital to arriving at a fair division of property during a divorce. Please contact a Houston property division attorney at John K. Grubb & Associates, PC. You can then learn what steps you can take to properly determine and to value assets and liabilities in a divorce.