Houston Child Support Attorney Explains the Texas Calculations

There is Nuance for High-Income Parents in Divorce

Houston child support attorney explains the Texas calculations and child support enforcement, particularly for high income parents.Houston child support attorney John K. Grubb has been aggressively representing parents with high incomes for over 30 years. Do not hire an inexperienced family law attorney for a child support case, particularly for high-income situations.

How Do You Calculate Child Support in Texas?

The Texas Legislature enacted the following child support guidelines:

1 child – 20% of obligor’s net resources
2 children – 25% of obligor’s net resources
3 children – 30% of obligor’s net resources
4 children – 35% of obligor’s net resources

If the obligor has children other than those involved in the current divorce, special guidelines apply. This takes into account all of the obligor’s children.

So, what are net resources? The definition of net resources is quite long. For most people, it means all wage and salary income and other compensation for personal services, interest, dividends, royalty income, self- employment income and net rental income, less social security taxes and federal income tax withholding for a single person claiming one personal exemption and the standard deduction. The guidelines apply automatically to the first $8,550.00 of net resources per month. When net resources are above $8,550.00 per month, the Court has discretion to set additional child support, based on the needs of the child. The lifestyle of the recipient of child support is not a factor in determining the amount of child support. The obligor is also responsible for paying for the health insurance for the child. Each party is responsible for 50% of the uninsured medical and dental expenses.

How Do You Pay Texas Child Support?

Child support must be paid by wage withholding from the obligor’s employer.

You must pay all Court ordered child support through the State Disbursement Unit. You should never pay it directly to the recipient. The law is clear: if you pay it directly to the recipient, the Court deems it to be a gift of additional support. Then, you still owe your Court ordered child support. Further, in 5, 10, or 20 years, the Attorney General can troll the computers of the State Disbursement Unit. He/she can discover that the records show unpaid child support and the Attorney General can come after you (even if the recipient never complained). The Attorney General can garnish your wages, your Social Security, your pension, take your 401k or IRA, lift any professional licenses that you may have and lift your US Passport.

You should note that the child support guidelines apply equally to men and women.

Need More Information on Child Support Laws in Texas?

Houston child support attorney John K. Grubb has you and your child’s best interest in mind. While it seems you can easily calculate child support using the guidelines, the reality is the calculation has nuance, particularly for high income parents. Please call our child support law firm at (713)877-8800.