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Business Valuation, High Asset Divorce and Child Support in Texas

Family law is the area of the law that concerns divorce, custody, property division, premarital agreements, postmarital agreements and any other situations involving marriage, children, and family. For 40 years, Houston divorce attorney John K. Grubb has been assisting families through what are often difficult times, ensuring that his clients’ finances, property, and children are protected.

Texas Family Law Practice Areas

Houston divorce attorney John K. Grubb helps families with all areas of family law in Texas, including:

The first step is filing a Petition for Divorce with the Court. After a Petition for Divorce has been filed and before the final divorce hearing, the Court may hold a very short hearing to stabilize the situation. This is called a “temporary orders hearing” or “show cause hearing.”
If the parties cannot agree on a division of property, then the Court will divide the parties’ community property “in a manner the Court deems just and right, having due regard for the rights of each party and any children of the marriage.”
Many times prospective spouses have substantial assets, children from other marriages, partnership or business agreements, or other reasons why they believe it is important, before marriage, to enter into a Premarital Agreement . This agreement defines the respective rights and obligations of each party.
Texas adopted “rehabilitation alimony,” which is also known as Court ordered maintenance. Generally, Court ordered maintenance may be awarded to a spouse if the marriage was of at least 10 years duration and the spouse who is seeking alimony lacks sufficient property to provide for his or her minimum reasonable needs and is unable to support himself or herself.
The Court is required to appoint both parents as Joint Managing Conservators unless it finds that the appointment would significantly impair the child’s physical health or emotional development.
The Texas Legislature also enacted the following child support guidelines, which apply equally to men and women. The child support guidelines are a percentage of the obligor’s net resources, depending on the number of children.
The Texas Legislature has considered the importance of parental involvement in child development and established minimum periods of possession. It is well recognized that frequent contact after divorce between a child and each parent optimizes the development of the child.
Frequently it is necessary to work with accountants, financial consultants, and valuation experts to property identify and value the party’s business interest.
Residents of the United States who reside abroad and have marital problems may seek to litigate custody in state courts in the United States. Additionally, foreign residents who are traveling in the United States may find that their spouse is seeking custody in a state court in the United States.
An appeal must be based on a contention that the Trial Judge misapplied the law or the Trial Judge abused the Judge’s discretion.
Same sex couples are free to marry and divorce in Texas. Additionally, our firm can assist couples to draft or dissolve cohabitation and/or domestic partnership agreements if they so choose.

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