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A Houston Divorce Lawyer Breaks Down The Differences Between A Contested Divorce And An Uncontested Divorce

A Divorce Lawyer In Houston Covers The Differences Between An Uncontested Divorce And A Contested Divorce

Although the divorce process varies by state, most states offer two distinct divorce options. Those options include uncontested divorces and contested divorces. The type of divorce that is chosen can affect nearly every aspect of the proceedings, including the amount of time it takes for the Houston divorce to be finalized, the requirements for the couple to separate, the cost of the divorce, and the responsibility for covering court costs. Before couples go through with a divorce, it is important for each party to learn as much as they can about the two different types of divorce so they can decide which option is best for them.

What It Means When A Houston Divorce Is Contested

When spouses can’t agree on certain aspects of their Houston divorce, it is known as a contested divorce. If the couple is unable to reach an agreement with the help of their divorce lawyer Houston professionals, the divorce then moves to the court system where their dispute is adjudicated. Today, most divorces involve relatively complex issues ranging from dividing complicated assets to figuring out child custody. Because of that, a large percentage of divorces are contested. Some of the most commonly contested subjects include the following:

* Custody arrangements for any children.
* Child support requirements.
* The division of property.
* The distribution of assets.
* Debt repayment.
* Alimony agreements or spousal support.

What It Means When A Houston Divorce Is Uncontested

When spouses are able to agree on every aspect of their divorce, they can file for an uncontested divorce. Also known as simple divorces, these divorces usually proceed much more quickly. When couples go through an uncontested divorce, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are on good terms. Instead, it means that they don’t disagree about any of the details of their divorce. In essence, they were able to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom without the need for adjudication. Uncontested divorces are popular with couples, simply because they are fast, inexpensive, and convenient. Additionally, they also are more private since the couple’s dirty laundry doesn’t have to be aired in the court system. In some cases, couples can even reach an agreement without the need for lawyers. In most cases, however, having lawyers on hand is a good idea since they can help facilitate any negotiations and can ensure that the divorce paperwork is filed correctly. For anyone who needs a divorce lawyer Houston is a great place to be since there are a lot of skilled lawyers in the area. It is important to note, however, that a petition for divorce can be filed without the help of a lawyer. Oftentimes, uncontested divorces that involve child custody are referred to the court so that they can come up with a suitable arrangement. Based on interviews, the court will determine the best custody arrangement for the child or children. They will also determine a suitable amount of money that should be paid for child support. As long as both spouses agree with the child custody arrangement, the divorce can continue uncontested. If, however, either of the spouses is not happy with the child custody arrangement, the divorce can be converted to a contested divorce and further details can be hashed out in court.

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