Violation of Divorce Decree?

Family Law Attorney in Houston Enforcing Court Orders

Photo of a recently divorced couple

Is your ex-spouse not following the agreements laid out during your divorce? Is he or she refusing to allow you the parental visitation rights that you are entitled to? Is he or she behind in child support payments? Do you need alimony enforcement? If so, you may want to work with a qualified Houston family law attorney to enforce the court’s order to fix the violation of divorce decree. John K. Grubb offers aggressive divorce representation and is not afraid to take your ex to court to enforce your divorce decree or any other court order.

Protect Your Child’s Rights Regarding Parenting Time and Child Support

Court order enforcement is used in cases where an ex-spouse is not following the guidelines that were set out during a divorce proceeding. Court orders are most often enforced due to child-related issues such as child support or visitation rights. Parents who have not paid child support are usually required to comply with either a wage deduction order, where a portion of a parent’s income is deducted and sent to a state agency to cover child support, or a contempt order, where a judge is able to sentence the parent to a fine or jail time.

Failure to pay child support is a serious offense and can result in severe penalties to the parent who failed to pay, including steep fees, the suspension of any professional licenses and liens placed upon his or her property. Additionally, the failure to pay child support can be prosecuted, resulting in a fine of up to $500 and jail time of up to six months.

Court orders are also enforced when one parent refuses the other parent his or her parental rights. As a way to enforce the rights of the visiting parent, the court can hold the other parent in contempt. Also, if a parent relocates without a court order, he or she can be held in contempt.

Divorce Decree Enforcement in the Greater Houston TX Area

John K. Grubb understands the pain and frustration associated with undergoing a divorce. Add to this frustration the difficulty of supporting a child on your own when a former spouse fails to pay child support or spousal support (called maintenance.) When exes refuse to co-parent their children and follow the child custody schedules, this creates havoc for the children and the parent who is thinking of the best interests of the children.

If you are constantly battling your former spouse in an effort to get the money your child is owed or you are owed, or if you need assistance enforcing your custody and visitation schedule, you need a family law attorney in Houston whom you can depend on to represent you. Our office can discuss the best course of action, including contempt of court divorce options and other court order enforcement.