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How Divorce Selfies Can Teach Us About Co-Parenting and Civility

Perhaps one of the stranger trends we’ve seen in social media, the divorce selfie is making headlines. It is exactly what it sounds like – a self-photograph to immortalize the last moments of a failed marriage. Some divorce selfies show the couple smiling and embracing the new single life. Others…well, they can get pretty awkward. But advocates for positive co-parenting and amicable post-divorce relationships say that divorce selfies can be a positive force for better divorce and parenting outcomes. How Are Divorce Selfies Teaching Us About Co-parenting and Civility? Some say it’s not the divorce that leads to worse outcomes for children, but rather how the divorce is handled. How parents interact with one another can drastically change a child’s future. Negative interactions like fighting can lead to real damage in a child’s education, interpersonal relationships and emotions. Some studies show that children of contentious, unstable households fare as much…
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Blake Anderson (Workaholics) And Wife to Divorce

Blake Anderson, the frizzy-haired actor most known for his role as Blake on the comedy show Workaholics, is about to have a whole lot more time to get weird. His wife, Rachael Finley, recently filed divorce papers. It was not so much of a shock to those in the know, as the two have reportedly been separated for the last six months. The couple married in 2012 and have one daughter together. According to sources close to the couple, they are handling co-parenting their daughter well. How to Effectively Co-parent after Divorce Studies show overwhelmingly that children who are raised by both of their parents tend to have better outcomes. But it can be difficult to work out a co-parenting arrangement, especially if your divorce was contentious. Here are some co-parenting tips to help you and your kids have a smoother transition into your new lives. Be respectful and professional….
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How Do I Get Spousal Support in Texas?

Spousal maintenance (you may have heard it under the name spousal support, or more popularly, alimony) can be one of the trickier aspects of a divorce. In Texas, there are two kinds of spousal maintenance: “court ordered” and “contractual.” Court ordered spousal maintenance: A family judge can order a spouse to pay maintenance involuntarily. The eligibility requirements for court ordered spousal maintenance are high, the amount and duration are restricted and the court can change its mind and modify the order at any time. In Texas, the legislature makes it tough to get spousal maintenance because some see it as a disincentive for the spouse receiving payments to return to work. In order to qualify, a spouse must prove that after divorce, there will not be enough property for that spouse to meet minimum reasonable needs. The spouse must also prove that: The marriage has lasted at least 10 years…
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