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7 Gray Divorce Problems You Weren’t Expecting – Divorce Attorney in Houston

Our Houston Divorce Attorney Addresses The Rise In Gray Divorce Numbers Gray divorce numbers are rising so quickly that divorce rates remain high even though the number of divorces is quickly decreasing among young couples. As life expectancy is increasing and baby boomers are aging, more couples are getting divorced after 50. Here are a [...]

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Steps To Take For Handling A Divorce In Texas When You Were Married In A Different State

Consult A Houston Divorce Attorney When Dealing With These Out-Of-State Marital Issues There are numerous individuals from all across the country who move to Texas and make it their home. This is why there are many couples who live in Texas but who were married in different states. If spouses are wanting to divorce in [...]

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How To Handle A Crisis After Divorce

Freshly divorced clients often ask their divorce attorneys questions like, “How do I move on?” Or, “How will I get along without my spouse’s help?” And though the answer is never simple or easy, there are a few things that you can do to ease the burden, especially if the road ahead looks very bumpy. [...]

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