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Melania Trump Appears to Swat Away President Trump’s Hand

Trouble in paradise? During a visit to Tel Aviv, First Lady Melania Trump appears to swat away her husband’s hand.        

Divorce Journaling Could Accelerate the Healing Process

Divorce is an emotionally exhausting process. No two people heal from it the same way. Some seek therapy, others look to their friends and family for support. Research suggests that adding journaling to your post-divorce healing could be beneficial – but only if you do it a certain way. Findings to be published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine suggest that narrative journaling could be a useful tool for divorcees. The findings are based on a study of 109 separated and divorced men and women who split from their partners an average of three months before the start of the study. The participants were split into three groups. One group was told to write about their most deeply held feelings about their relationship and separation. A second group was told to write their feelings, but in a format with a beginning, middle and end. A third group…
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Claire Holt Getting Divorced after Less than One Year of Marriage

It didn’t even last a full year. Matthew Kaplan, husband of The Originals star Claire Holt, has filed for divorce. In somewhat of a plot twist, the filing came one day before the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary. Holt filed her response to the divorce one week later. Both parties cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce. The Divorce Timeline In 2015, Holt posted on Instagram that she and Kaplan had gotten engaged. She had a bridal shower, inviting Mandy Moore among other friends and was married one year later in a private ceremony. In public, nothing seemed amiss, but apparently behind the scenes, the marriage was on the rocks. Neither party has commented on the divorce, but social media suggests that the two are getting along just fine. Kaplan’s most recent Instagram post is a congratulation to his soon-to-be ex on being cast in a new role. IF You…
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