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The Strategic Divorce: Protecting Your Finances

Texas is a community property state. So, while it’s always important to plan out your finances before marriage and to consider divorce in that planning, in Texas it’s even more important, because without planning, you may have a lot to lose. Just a few things to consider: Inheritance. You want to make sure that any assets you plan to leave to children or other beneficiaries is protected. The best way to do this is through an asset protection trust, a dynasty trust or through some other kind of multi-generational wealth planning. These tools protect the assets not only from ex-spouses but also creditors, lawsuit decisions and others. A prenuptial agreement. It’s not a romantic conversation to have and there’s this public perception that thinking about a prenup is tantamount to killing a marriage before it happens. We’ve posted about this very thing on Facebook before, and many replies were along…
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Keeping You Updated on the Biden Divorce

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the rollercoaster ride of Hunter and Kathleen Biden’s divorce. They recently requested that the details of their divorce be made private, because they believed that the publicity surrounding the divorce were damaging and embarrassing to their families. Kathleen filed for divorce in December. In the filing, she claimed that Hunter had a habit of extravagant spending on prostitutes, strip clubs and drugs, a claim that Hunter immediately and adamantly denied, demanding proof from Kathleen. Since then, the two have agreed to work together on their marriage. The request for the sealing of divorce documents was one such effort. The judge in the case rejected the attempts to seal the documents, saying that embarrassment was not a valid reason to seal the record of a public case. He said that they should have known what they were getting into when they voluntarily publicly filed…
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The Divorce Process in Texas, Part 2: Serving Papers

Once you have filed your divorce petition in court, your next step is to let your spouse know that you’ve initiated the divorce. This is called effectuating service. When you go to file your divorce petition, you will receive a one-page document to attach to the petition. This document tells your spouse what he or she needs to do next. Note that in Texas, there are different forms depending on whether you and your spouse live in the same county as each other. Make sure you get the right one. You will then need to fill out an Information for Service of Process Form, which basically is a description of your spouse including address, appearance and the times he or she is likely to be at home. Once you have the petition, the citation form (that one page document we mentioned) and the Information for Service of Process Form, take…
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