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Family Law Attorney – Recommends These Places To Propose in Houston

It’s during that special moment when you have to pop the question when all your nerves seem to be on alert. That applies to all men regardless of where you are in the USA and beyond. To help keep things cool, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Some privacy helps although some like to publicize this special moment. Of course, if you are strong enough to propose in front of thousands of people, the better. The fact remains that the majority of the men will go for privacy. How you control your nerves is not something you can be assisted in. however, where you propose in Houston can always be sugar coated. It’s the environment you propose in that perfects the moment. It’s a one-time thing if you are double sure that divorce has no place between you two. Your lady will love you more if you perfect the art of proposing. She will not hesitate to say a big YES.

Brazos Bend State Park

When proposing, you look at all the possibilities to perfect that moment. What do you want to see around you? Most importantly, what does the fiancée love? It should be a happy moment for lovers. Inside the Brazos Park, you have all the fun packaged right there. You can go camping, enjoy the scenery, watch the beautiful butterflies, see the alligators etc. If you are a couple that loves outdoor activities, then this is your ideal dating spot. You can discuss your future plans without distractions.

The Water Wall

There is no room for mistakes during the proposal. That’s why you need some special venue like The Water Wall. Near Williams Tower is where you will find this secluded spot where not many locals or tourists that visit this area. The atmosphere is distractions free and excellent to be around. The place is ambient and with has plenty of expansive space. This park is a true venue for romance. You also don’t have to pay to get into the park. If you time when the weather is perfect, you will promise the lady paradise and she will be quick to believe it.

Sky Lobby

How about proposing while in the crowds? Perfect, isn’t it? There are many skyscrapers in Houston. The criteria to use when picking the best one is to consider traffic level. Chase Tower wins the crown being less crowded. You have your space up there to be with your fiancée and do your thing without worrying about distractions. While inside this lobby, you observe the rest of the city below you which is breathtaking. Plan your date to be in one of the weekdays as the lobby is not open during the weekdays and nighttime.

Others include Kemah Boardwalk and the Skyspace inside the Rice Campus.

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