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7 Reasons Social Media Causes Divorces

Fewer folks are getting married, but even more couples are getting divorced. It’s the new national trend, and though it appears that a spike in gray divorce is the primary culprit, there are other causes of divorce out there. Social media is one of the largest sources of evidence in divorces today, and here’s a list of just how social media might be causing your marriage to go south. 7 Ways Social Media Causes Divorces The Grass is Always Greener—Married people are a little envious of their single friends for many reasons, but social media puts a magnifying glass on those reasons. Hot dates, killer vacations, and the perceived perfection of your single friend’s lives can often pull people out of their marriages. Never as Perfect as Them—Do your married Facebook friends have the perfect relationship compared to yours? Well, that’s another effect of social media on marriages, apparently yours…
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The Bizarre World of Divorce Part 3: From Pakistan with Love

In 2010, a Pakistani couple was reunited here in Houston, Texas. They had been married in 2008 and it was only after two years that the man’s wife was able to follow him to his Houston home. But things weren’t as they seemed, and now the couple is embroiled in a complicated divorce involving international borders and murder! From Pakistan with Love: A Bizarre World of Divorce Mystery When the wife came to join her husband in Houston, it took only two years for the arranged marriage to fall apart. The woman went home to Pakistan to see family when her husband allegedly invoked talaq and said “I divorce you” three times. This can constitute a divorce in Pakistan, but his wife wasn’t about to let the divorce go down that easy. She returned to Houston and filed for divorce here. A massive battle for jurisdiction is now bubbling over….
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Who’s Really Responsible for The High Divorce Rate?

Have you heard? Experts say that the number of divorces are going down, which is strange considering the divorce rate is going up. Not long ago, we talked about the increasing divorce rate and what was driving the rate up, but a new study out of the University of Texas at Austin might shed some more light on the subject. Do You Know Who’s Responsible for the High Divorce Rate? According to the report out of UT’s Council for Contemporary Families, the number of divorces is falling, but the percentage of divorces is climbing. This proves true for the 50 plus crowd more than any other demographic. As it turns out, young people are waiting longer to get married, and so the rate of new marriages is falling. However, increases in divorce among baby boomers is causing the percentage of divorce in the country to continue to rise. The UT…
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