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What Steps Should I Take Before Filing for Divorce?

It’s a life-event a lot of us try to avoid—divorce. However, when it is inevitable, it is better to prepare for it than to fight it. But do you know what to do if divorce comes knocking at your door? What Steps Should I Take Before Filing for Divorce? Do Not Hide Assets—So many people are desperate to get one up on their ex that they will do anything. Well, if anything includes hiding assets, don’t do it. Judges will often award everything you have hidden to your spouse, and it doesn’t matter when it’s discovered. Judges reopen divorces all the time when hidden assets are discovered! Marshal Your Resources—In preparation for divorce, you need to catalogue your assets. This means jewelry, antiques and collectibles need to be inventoried. Take time-stamped pictures if you have to, because if things go missing, this will be the only way to prove they…
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The Bizarre World of Divorce Part 2: Weird Divorce Settlements

In the Bizarre World of Divorce there aren’t winners and loser like there are in the Game of Thrones. However, sometimes a divorce settlement is so strange it might seem like it came out of a fantasy novel. Here’s a list of divorce settlements that will leave you scratching your head and wondering when the fantasy creatures are going to show up. Weird Divorce Settlements A House Divided—A man who was married to his wife for 18 years filed for divorce after alleging his wife had an affair. In the spirit of a “50-50” settlement, the man and his family deconstructed his half of the marital home, and took it away. It’s A Nobel Idea—Robert Lucas won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1995. However, his ex-wife had stipulated in their divorce settlement that she would get half of any Nobel prize money if he won one. But that’s a…
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A New Billion Dollar Divorce Is Brewing

Celebrity divorces can be some of the most acrimonious affairs imaginable, but there is another type of divorce that makes celebrity divorces look like a flea circus. Billion dollar divorces involving the richest people in the world, and they can be the most drawn out/craziest divorces on the planet. So when a new one ignites, you can only sit back and watch the fireworks go boom. A New Billion Dollar Divorce Is Brewing Harry Macklowe is 79 years old and he owns one of the largest most successful real estate firms in New York. His wife Linda is a Guggenheim Foundation trustee with deep connections to the art community. This power couple has been married for 57 years, but that all may soon be coming to an end. According to Page Six and Vanity Fair, Harry came home one evening and told his wife that he was leaving her for…
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