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How Will Divorce Affect My Taxes?

We’ve talked about it before on our divorce blog—taxes. Nobody likes them and they can be quite the pain to deal with. However, when it comes to divorce, dealing with taxes is necessary. Otherwise you could be dealing with the IRS. How Will Divorce Affect My Taxes? Dealing with taxes during a divorce is an unavoidable thing. It even made our list of the three things that can ruin your divorce. But taxes must be dealt with, even when you are grappling with the most stressful divorce imaginable. However, understanding what the IRS expects of divorcees can help keep things from getting out of hand. Understand Your Filing Status—Did your divorce finalize before the tax year deadline? If it did, then you can file as single or as head of household. If your divorce still isn’t final by Tax Day, then you must either file as married joint, or married…
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Could A Divorce Support Group Be Right For You?

What do you do when your divorce gets rough? You see a therapist and talk to friends, but for some people, this isn’t a solution. Some people don’t like the thought of seeing a therapist or counselor, and sometimes friends aren’t objective enough to help. What do you do when you’re stuck in this kind of divorce nightmare? Maybe you should consider finding a support group. Could A Divorce Support Group Be Right For You? Support groups are helpful to both men and women going through a divorce. But people rarely think of going out and finding one. A divorce support group can be a source of support and advice. However, there is so much more you can learn by surrounding yourself with fellow divorcees. What You Can Learn In A Divorce Support Group How To Handle Your Divorce—We often get bad advice from friends and acquaintances who have gone…
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What Happens When Your Ex Won’t Give Up?

Divorce can be a very difficult process, but you never quite know how bad it can get till you see a celebrity divorce. A mixture of high-assets and media exposure can turn any divorce into a three ring circus. Take the divorce of Dwayne Wade from Siohvaughn Funches for example. What Happens When Your Ex Won’t Give Up? D. Wade is making the trip back to his hometown of Chicago after winning several championships in Miami. His new deal with the Chicago Bulls is valued at $47 million for two years of play. However, Wade’s homecoming isn’t going to be as sweet as he would like. His high school sweetheart and ex-wife wants a piece of D. Wade’s new prosperity. So she is trying to reopen their divorce settlement. The previous settlement granted Wade full custody of the couple’s two children. It also gave Funches a chunk of Dwayne’s future…
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